Reliance Cloud

All in one hr software your team members will love.

Our human capital management (HCM) solution suite, Reliance Cloud, is designed to help you attract and retain top-quality talent for your diverse workforce, with the tools you need to not only make work easier and more productive, but also to deliver a great employee experience.

From employee engagement, leadership success, and talent development to flexible performance management and labor law compliance, our HCM solution helps you manage your people to today’s emerging human capital management (HCM) trends — all while helping you stay competitive and fuel organizational growth.

Reliance Cloud Provides:

  • A single employee record: You enter employee data just once in a single database and it’s shared across all applications.
  • A single source of truth: With a common reporting function, there’s no need to combine multiple sources of information. Decisions can be made based on accurate, real-time data.
  • A superior user experience: Your users work in the same interface across all applications, minimizing training and boosting efficiency. And employee self-service and mobile app allow easy anytime access.
  • Convenient cloud-based delivery: With the cloud, you avoid installation headaches, you’re always on the latest software release — and you only pay for what you use.

HR Solutions

Focus on people — not paperwork and processes

Key Benefits:

Streamline HR Processes with a paperless system that eliminates duplicate data entry and error-prone manual tasks so you can focus on your people

Hire Best-Fit Talent with an optional talent acquisition solution that provides a positive applicant experience and makes it easy to source, track, and evaluate top candidates

Eliminate Paper For Onboarding with reliance cloud by letting employees digitally fill out paperwork such as withholding forms, benefits enrollment and employee handbooks all while storing this in their single employee record

Empower Employees and Managers with role-based self service that lets them view and update information at their convenience

Maintain A Digital HR File on every employee in reliance cloud by storing data that otherwise would be overflowing from paper file cabinets and files

Timekeeping Solutions

Control labor costs with automated time and attendance management

Automate accrual tracking for improved accuracy and consistency

Key Benefits:

Capture Accurate Timekeeping Data from time clocks, the web, and mobile sources

Track And Understand True Labor Costs by enforcing user defined pay rules

Manage Exceptions including missed punches and early/late arrivals, in real time

Implement Schedules that tightly align staffing with operational goals

Automatically Enforce organization-specific accrual policies to help drive compliance and impartial treatment of employees

Speed And Simplify time-off requests and approvals in our timekeeping solution with instant visibility into each employee’s current accrual balance


Drive efficiency and savings with a payroll solution

that delivers the perfect paycheck every time

Key Benefits:

Get Up-to-the-minute Payroll Information at the click of a button

Deliver Timely, Accurate Payments to employees with every payroll

Drive Accuracy of employee withholdings with regular tax table updates

Empower Employees with a mobile app and self-service tools that reduce administrative tasks

Free IT from maintenance and upgrade hassles with a cloud delivery model

Benefits Administration

Streamline benefits enrollment and management

Simplify the benefits enrollment process through self-service

Key Benefits:

Empower Employees throughout the benefits enrollment process with self-service options

Minimize Financial and Compliance Risk with an automated rules-based system and premium calculations that automatically link with payroll

Streamline Benefits Processes for all benefits plans

Gain Deeper Insight into employee benefits plans

Easily Generate Reports for simplified benefits management

Let Reliance HCM manage my benefits

Talent Management

Identify and develop top talent

Align your entire organization for success

Key Benefits:

Drive Employee Engagement with talent management solutions that help you develop, reward, and retain a high-performing workforce

Link Compensation To Performance with a Merit Matrix that establishes guidelines for awarding pay based on performance rating and pay grade segment

Increase Engagement And Retention by enabling managers to continuously monitor employee goals and deliver ongoing feedback

Streamline compensation planning with automated tools and workflows

Talent Acquisition

Effectively source, track, and evaluate talent to build an engaged, high-quality workforce

Key Benefits:

Automate Recruiting Processes to eliminate paper, streamline administration, and drive efficiency

Create Job Requisitions with automated approval workflows and gain at-a-glance visibility into applicant status

Proactively Source Candidates by posting job listings to your career website and targeted job boards from one central location

Focus On Best-fit Candidates by asking pre-screening questions in online applications and leveraging data about your existing workforce to make better hiring decisions

Deliver A Great Candidate Experience that reinforces your employer brand while making it easy to search for jobs, upload resumes, and apply online

Optimize Pre-hire Engagement by sending automated notifications and configurable email communications to applicants

Mobile App

Human Capital Management. When and Where You Want It


Key Benefits:

Built To Engage This app — available for Apple and Android devices — is designed to delight and built to engage the modern mobile workforce.

HCMToGo The HCMToGo mobile app provides a responsive, intuitive user interface that lets employees and managers address common HR, timekeeping, and payroll tasks as quickly and easily on mobile as they could on their desktops.

Easy Access Employees can access their company hr information in a convenient mobile app

All In One Place Managers can approve vacation requests, monitor employee absence, view all team members information in one place

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