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Employee Benefits and insurance renewals can be frustrating. Employers often feel pressed for time to make a decision or backed into a corner because there don’t seem to be great options for them. At Reliance, we believe in a proactive approach to this process so that renewal of your benefits products doesn’t seemed rushed or convoluted.
Our team works with clients year round in order to continuously improve upon the strategy, experience and education that are involved in executing your employee benefits. Transparency and continuous improvement are critical in executing a sound strategy for your company’s benefits.

Insurance Products

Reliance HCM offers a full compliment of employer based insurance solutions from the top rated carriers nationally. Our company acts as a broker so we can choose between the best coverage and best cost for our clients, regardless of the insurance company. The most important thing to consider when choosing which products and coverage options are a fit for your team is what your team will actually want and need. Reliance works with our clients to engage their employee through technology and enrollment in order to gauge what is most important to the team.  We have enrollment tools and employee engagement surveys that can help you craft a custom employee benefits package for your team.

Benefits Technology

Often times it is hard for employees to access their employee benefits selections or there are errors because there is too much paper involved in the enrollment process. Reliance helps solve this by creating a custom benefits experience through our benefits administration system as well as other benefits technology we deploy. In today’s business environment, most employees are used to doing things on the go and your benefits technology should be no different. We can help your company streamline this process.

Reliance Captive

When planning and forecasting for your company’s budget within the next 3-5 years, one of the biggest unknowns can be the cost of your health insurance for employees. Often times, employers and leaders feel that they are constantly making a one year decision and feel trapped into deciding something that they know may change the following year. Reliance’s captive program can shift the conversation to one that makes more sense for your budget and your benefits. By taking more control over your benefits and with Reliance’s help, you can change the conversation for your company.

  • Our captive is wholly owned by employers.
  • High concentration on cost containment
  • Data analytics that make sense
  • High level of engagement between members for best practice
  • Support of number one nationally ranked captive

Account Service

Having dedicated support is critical so that when issues arise they can be handled promptly. Our benefits service team has many years of experience handling insurance issues that come up and can help your company navigate any situation.

  • Help with day to day insurance issues
  • Adding and terminating from your insurance plans
  • Helping with claims issues
  • Dedicated support team for your business
  • Billing reconciliation services

Payroll Integration with Reliance Cloud

With rising healthcare costs and complexity, it’s easy to overlook the soft costs related to the administrative burden of managing payroll deductions.  At Reliance HCM, we also know payroll.

Combining our payroll system with benefits allows you to:

  • Automate payroll benefits deductions as employees enroll online
  • Automate and track costs related to company contributions, including complex scenarios such as HSA matching
  • Track ACA compliance and simplify year-end reporting
  • Show employees each pay statement what the company is contributing to employee benefit plans (optional)
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At first I was a little skeptical about eliminating paper from my day to day routine, however, it has been a great decision. Our HR processes have gotten complicated as we have grown. Reliance HCM was able to minimize our efforts and streamline the progression of hire to retire. Now we manage the process not the paper, using their cloud based technology.

LauraHR Director

Having an attorney ‘on call’ has saved our company a lot of money. There are many times that I have been able to use Reliance’s compliance department for answers to questions instead of calling our attorney. I also like the proactive approach they bring in regards keeping our company compliant with the law. After all, I don't know what I don't know.


As the COO I am always looking at how our operational procedures affect the bottom line. The team at Reliance HCM was able to help us save money on our health insurance by coming up with some unique funding strategies.Not to mention the service we get from them has been top notch. They always find a quick solution to any issue and the turnaround time is exceptional. I feel like I am their #1 client every time!


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